Friday, February 7, 2014

New Year, Final papers, Food

It has been one month since the year 2014 came but I still wanna say Happy new year to you all. Chúc mừng năm mới!

I was very busy in the last month as I had to stay up with tons of final papers and ISP (individual study project). However, fortunately, I'm done with all of them so now, can have some free time to relax till the 26th, which is the day for ISP presentation.

OnJanuary 3rd, some WJC students and I went to Hakozaki shrine to see a festival called Tamaseseri, which is one of three main festivals in Kyushu. In that festival, men wearing only loincloths competed for an 8-kg treasure ball (takara-no-tama) 30-cm in diameter which is believed to bring good fortune upon the person who can lift it over his head. It was so funny to see almost naked men playing that ritual. Here is the photo of them.

Tamaseseri festival at Hakozaki Shrine

People in Vietnam celebrated Lunar New Year (Tet holiday) last week. It was a bit sad when I couldn't join every family reunion or help my mom prepare for Tet or at least have a cup of egg coffee with some friends I get along on New Year's Eve. But Vietnamese people in Fukuoka held a new year party near Kyushu University on the 1st Feb, so my friends and I also came. It was good to see Vietnamese people and enjoy Vietnamese New Year foods like bánh chưng (Chung cake), nem rán (spring rolls), giò lụa (Vietnamese sausage), etc. Especially I won the lottery with 5000 yen and a set of shampoo. So stoked and lucky! Hope the luck will go with me in this year of the horse! Happy Lunar New Year!

Bought a new camera on amazon a couple of days after the party (not by the money won in the lottery of course). It's fujifilm XF1 and pretty cheap, only a half price of the one in Vietnam. Got luck again! Haha

My new fancy camera

During January, I spent most of my time at dorm, writing my papers and cooking. Now I understand why my favorite Australian chef says it never gets boring in the kitchen! I don't dream of becoming a chef, just do what my heart wants! 

Gà xé phay - Shredded chiken salad
Chicken with beans and lotus roots

Pumpkin porridge with chicken
Mixed vermicelli with chicken, eggs and vegetable. How I miss my mom's food!

Next week will make something with beef and shrimp hahaha!

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