Saturday, September 13, 2014

Weekend Getaway

I'm home after 1 year studying abroad. Home means family, delish food, reunions with friends and school. Before starting the final year in uni, I had a trip to Cat Ba Island with my grandma and mom. It has been a long time I haven't traveled with my family since I entered uni, so it's a chance to make it happen. 

I always wanted to go to Cat Ba island due to its beauty. And the fact is it is unbelievably beautiful. The nature was so breathtaking. Mountain and sea are a perfect combination which made me speechless. Not only my did that, other travelers I met there also said the same. However, I was disappointed about the service and food there. They charged us everything from changing clothes to locker, even going to toilet at the beach. The food wasn't various as I thought and expensive.  Anyway I didn't expect anything better on this island which is quite far from the land. 
Although I had great time with the family, I realized I missed my solo travels so badly. This trip was truly a relaxing trip for me. It was so smooth. Suitable for ones like my mom and my grandma. I need things which are more adventuring and a bit risky. Anyway, it was all good. I loved my time in Cat Ba where I enjoyed the nature so much! 

These photos prove how pretty Cat Ba is! Here you go!

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